For help and information when buying a new carpet, visit us in our Cobham shop where we can give you some professional advice and guidance which should make choosing your carpet easier.


A beautiful carpet needs an experienced and competent fitter to show it to its best effect. Our fitters have worked for us for many years and we have many letters from happy customers who have been delighted with their work.


We supply a range of heavy duty underlays for anywhere in your house, including Heat-flow underlay to use with under floor heating.

Carpet Cleaning

We are happy to recommend the services of Servicemaster clean . Tel. 01932 698 097.

In the event of a spill:

  • Act quickly before the stain dries. Blot it off with a clean white cloth or kitchen roll.
  • A clean white cloth soaked in warm water is the safest way to remove a stain, but dab carefully and blot dry with kitchen roll.
  • Do not overwet the carpet or rub it as this can make the pile permanently fluffy.
  • If this doesn’t work, don’t try harsh cleaning products, consult a professional.

Insurance Quotes

Contact us for flooring insurance quotes.
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