Fargo Dining Table

The Fargo Dining table fusing. the beauty and nature. of wood and metal. in a contemporary style.

Table tops can. be selected. in either. solid European oak. or solid. North American. black walnut – with the. option of. straight. or natural. wavy. edges for. each. Personal preferences. can be. even further tailored. with contrasted. fillers. for the rustic tops, or simply with. open knots and. cracks to further. accentuate the hallmarks. of these characterful. timbers. Cutting edge finishes. in oiled and lacquered. compositions help. to offer durability. and pleasing. patina.

The options. of bases and. pedestals. are the most comprehensive. in the marketplace, boasting choices. in wood and a wide variety. of metal finishes to achieve. your perfect combination. Be it an industrial. look, sleek. or natural. simplicity, the exhaustive. options. list has. the solution.


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